Hi! I’m Jeni and I’m the force behind Repayable.

I’m a millennial with a ton of student loan debt and an unstoppable commitment to repay it all. I’m a first generation college student from a blue collar family with a chip on my shoulder from working two jobs through college and still graduating with $132,000 of student loan debt. Working my ass off on top of challenging coursework prepared me to tackle much more than my job as a clinical pharmacist.

It lit a fire in me to give hardworking, smart, determined, and indebted folks like you the tools to make all of that hard work count.

I wasted almost $14,000 on interest because I didn’t know about refinancing. If I could go back in time and put that money toward principal I would, but that’s impossible. What is possible is sharing the knowledge I’ve gained through experience and research with you so you don’t make the same mistakes.

There are so many nuances when it comes to student loan debt, it can feel paralyzing. You want to make financially smart decisions… whatever those are. But where do you start?

 Right here. Repayable is the start of your student loan liberation. You’ll find and entire book dedicated to student loan debt repayment, resources, shareable stats, and a community of like-minded folks. Repayable is the help you need to wipe out your student loan debt.

Is Repayable for you? Repayable folks are determined to repay and hungry for answers. If that sounds like you, Repayable is the place for you.

Your best starting place is the Repayable Student Loan Liberation Road Map (coming soon) which guides you to step one based on your current knowledge and financial goals.

If you’ve got questions, I’ve got answers. Email, tweet, or post your question on the Repayable Facebook Page.

You want financial freedom so you can do meaningful work, travel, and give back to your community. Repayable is here to help you get there. #1bookvs1trillion